Aphrodite's Pool ("The New iPad" / iPad3)

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Aphrodite's Pool is one of a continual series of applications for the iPad (previous: ferma forge 2 for the ipad 2) that enables a constructive journey through your projective psyche.

It is an experimental, highly reactive visual surface, designed to allow the most flexible data space freedom, to engage and reinforce where your mind is, and what it is creating.


To use, you simply move through the imagery by bringing up the ui (pressing on the patterned grey spaces to the left or the right of the main images), and maneuvering the dodeca/icosahedral entity (seen as red in the image above). Its range is a little above half the screen's height, to the bottom of the screen.

Find a particular plane that resonates with you, focus upon it, and let your mind wander the imagery.


Eventually (usually within 20-30 seconds) your mind will find a pattern within. Some shape or structure that will be recognizable. When this is seen, shape your thoughts into a seeking question, making a portion of your active mind into a container for the information flow.


Continue this type of iteration: Random walking with a question/thought in mind to be expanded, and finding of a coherent recognizable pattern.


Eventually (2-10 minutes depending on how stable your external environment is), the interactions will peak, with the recognition leading to its own branching containers that can be explored and cohered.


Phsyical interaction and play is encouraged:

- You can remove the UI from the screen by either restarting the app or pressing on the concentric circles above the dodeca/icosahedral entity.

- You can switch the spectrum from yellow/green to purple/blue to teal/red by pressing on the spectrum switch on the other side of the screen.

- You can save the current plane by pressing and holding the spectral switch and swiping upwards. You can select between these switches you have saved.

- Bring up the protolinguistics by pressing the button that vaugly looks like a one with some lines on it. Pressing and holding while moving on the central image will bring up some protolinguistics you can feel free to incorporate into your containers.. they have been resonated and projected from purified thoughtforms by the fractal artist.

- Remove/Recreate the circular border by pressing the button that vaugly looks like a zero with some lines on it.

- Touch the corners of the circular central image where there is background and swiping will allow for a rotation of the current plane. This can be stopped by tapping a corner again, or augmented by swiping faster/slower. This makes the fractal imagery function somewhat like a lathe.

- Pressing the dodeca/icosahedral entity as if it were a switch will cause the planes to shift automatically and loop back and forth, at a rate below the human perceptible threshold, engaging a unique morphic field that can also be used as its own 3d planar surface, with the 3rd dimension as time.


Technical Information:

- Ferma Forge was created for the iPad specifically, as this is the first portable consumer device that acts as a visual interactive tactile surface, with but a single home button on the device, there is very little conceptual associated noise with it.

- Each spectrum image is a composite of over 30 discrete fractal layers, built by the artist to interact and engage the highest density informational medium, in an attempt to have a massive informational data space to cohere your mindstate within, and expand.


Technology Information / Bug Support:

- This application is at the far edge of the iPad 3's memory capacity. It has been thoroughly tested and will not crash as long as all other applications have been purged from memory, ie. the device has been restarted from a fresh reboot.

- To enable video out, please first connect the device to a compatible video output target, ie. hdmi etc, launch mobile safari, and then switch back to Ferma Forge 3.


Contacting the Artist:

You can contact me by emailing sleekgames@gmail.com